Public Safety

Projects While in Office


  • ISO Rating of 1, making us one of the top 1% of all Fire Rescue Agencies in the Nation, which assists property owners to obtain better property insurance rates.
  • Expanded Mutual Aid Agreements with sister-Cities for the safety of our Residents and Businesses
  • Hired more Fire Fighters and Paramedics
  • Expanded our Fleet 
  • Renovation of Fire Station 41 and rebuilt Fire Station 78
  • Improved, and will continue to, improve response times throughout the City
  • Expansion of Citizen Observer Patrol (COP)
  • Picked as location for Seniors vs Crime Program through the Attorney General's Office

*** not a complete list and not in any particular order

Projects on the Horizon


  • Creating Pine Island Crosswalk and Colony West Crosswalk
  • Hiring More Fire Fighters and Paramedics
  • Building of Fire Station 36
  • Rolling out a CPR Training Program for Residential Communities and Businesses throughout the City